Why create this Interfaith Prayer Fellowship (IPF)?

There are over 4,300 different religions around the world. Nearly 75 per cent of the world's population practices one of the five most influential religions of the world: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.(1)

“The modern word religion comes from the Latin word religio. In the ancient and medieval world, the etymological Latin root religio was understood as an individual virtue of worship, never as doctrine, practice, or actual source of knowledge. The modern concept of "religion" as an abstraction which entails distinct sets of beliefs or doctrines”.

Some religions go back thousand of years ago and few have being “created” over the years and new ones will pop-up. All of them are sharing the same goal that is to teach and assist their believers in their spiritual quest and salvation.

In order to achieve this goal, each religion and its various denominations is using their own Scriptures, belief, dogma, professional teaching staff, ritual-based practice such as worshipping, praying in their specific venues.

Some religions are monotheist, other are multi-theist. They are worshipping, for the lack of proper word, to an “infinite, immaterial, immortal Divine Entity” that many are calling God or Gods or even are worshipping other Divine Entities such as Universal Consciousness, Energy, Sun, whoever...

Organized religions are doing absolute wonders around the world in helping their believers and non-believers through endless material and spiritual support programs. This is wonderful and all believers from these various organized religions are welcome in our fellowship.

The sad drawback. Religions are run by humans and we are not perfect, far from it.

Most religions are just fine but some of them are using, consciously or not, their influence and trust to fall into wrong doings and transgressions at two levels:

  1. Internally by using physical, mental, spiritual abuses including indoctrination of their members.
  2. Externally by promoting doctrine, power, control, intolerance, division, racism, xenophobia and even wars “against the unbelievers” (2).

Infiltration of government, business and other leaders is well known even if these religious groups want to keep their hidden agenda invisible.

This is very unfortunate indeed. What can we do to minimize these abuses? Despite their ideological and theological differences, all religions are sharing the same duty that is to pray and this is the next chapter of web site.


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