Who we are

Interfaith prayer fellowship (IPF) is an ecumenical, open-minded, community recognizing and respecting all religions, their Scriptures, beliefs, doctrines, rituals, and practices. No one will be turned down.

IPF is and will remain an apolitical, independent, informal, non-hierarchical, non-doctrinal, non-judgmental, and non-profit congregation.

It will not be influenced by any current and future organized religions.

Our main goals are:

  • To help you in achieving your personal spiritual serenity and equanimity according to your own religious affiliation, faith and practice.
  • To promote understanding, acceptance, mutual respect, and love towards all believers regardless of their religious affiliation, faith and practice.
  • To enhance tolerance, peace and love among all living beings.
  • To pray together in silence.

We invite individuals from all religions and faith to join our fellowship and to worship through prayer according to their religion, faith and practice.

We are human beings having many different beliefs but we are also one spiritual being having faith to a common spiritual entity despite different titles and names given to this entity.

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