What do we offer?

The purpose of Interfaith Prayer Fellowship is to pray together because prayer is the common denominator to all religions even if our Scriptures, faith, spiritual practice and even the name to whom we pray to may vary greatly.

In the following, I am using the generic name of God under its masculine entity to simplify the wording. Please forgive me since God or any other spiritual synonyms that we worship to has, in many faiths, no gender.

Through group prayer, our main goals are:

  1. To help you in achieving your personal spiritual serenity and equanimity according to your own religious affiliation, faith and practice.
  2. To promote understanding, acceptance, mutual respect, and love towards all believers regardless of their religious affiliation, faith and practice.
  3. To enhance tolerance, peace and love among all living beings.
  4. To pray together in silence to maximize concentration by avoiding distraction.

Praying alone is important but group prayer, like for meditation, imposes greater discipline and is more powerful according to many Scriptures. To pray is the most genuine and fundamental act of practicing your faith because it is a direct communication between God and you.

Regardless how, when and where we practice our faith, if we cannot communicate frequently and properly with God what is the point to believe in God and request his grace?

During praying there is no spiritual broker like our skillful preachers, no reading to do, no public acting, no facade, no phone call, no texting, no email, no use of social networks, no carrier.

This is simply God and you chatting together, face-to-face. Truly an amazing gift opportunity. Praying is a sort of spiritual wireless communication at its best, 24/7, anywhere and free of charge.

The ability to communicate with your God is a wonderful present and opportunity beyond human comprehension. Use it as often as possible.

Classically praying has two main components:

  1. One is to talk to God associating, in various degree, praise, thanks, repentance, requests for self (petition) and for others ( intersession ).
  2. The other one, often forgotten, is to listen to God, also called spiritual contemplation in many faiths.

During our group prayer session you will pray in silence to promote concentration to avoid distraction, and according to your own religious practice and faith. While praying we do not impose any dogmatic rules nor specific format to follow because we do not want to interfere with your beliefs nor spiritual practice but rather respect them. You pray as you learned it, as you wish to remain comfortable with your spiritual duty.

Day and time of Interfaith Prayer Fellowship:

We meet every Friday at 19:30 (7:30pm) using either Google Meet, Skype or Zoom. The link to join is emailed to you around 15min. prior before prayer session. Therefore we need your email address to send you the link.

Join us


The silent prayer lasts between 20 and 25min.

Discussion may follow as long as no one is using it to promote her/his own religious-based faith agenda.

You are able to email me your thoughts which may be posted on our site as blog on our site as long, again, that the text will remained genuine without proselytizing your own religious faith and belief .

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